AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-14version 3.7.0Simon Wilper
2022-10-31version 3.6.0Simon Wilper
2022-07-18version 3.5.0Simon Wilper
2022-04-08add QtCreator templatesSimon Wilper
2022-04-08version 3.3.0Simon Wilper
2021-12-29version 3.2.0Simon Wilper
2021-07-06version 3.0.0Simon Wilper
2021-03-28fix doc packageSimon Wilper
2021-01-31version 2.14.2Simon Wilper
2020-11-06version 2.13.0Simon Wilper
2020-09-02version 2.12.0Simon Wilper
2020-05-14version 2.11.0Simon Wilper
2020-02-26version -> 2.10.0Simon Wilper
2019-10-08version 2.9.0Simon Wilper
2019-06-28version -> 2.8.0Simon Wilper
2019-02-27version 2.7.0Simon Wilper
2018-12-08version -> 2.6.0Simon Wilper
2018-11-13added makedepends: pkgconfSimon Wilper
2018-07-25version 2.5.1Simon Wilper
2018-05-30version -> 2.4.0Simon Wilper
2018-05-12version 2.3.0Simon Wilper
2018-05-05uwsgi pluginSimon Wilper
2018-04-30version -> 2.2.1Simon Wilper
2018-04-24removed unneeded cmake variableSimon Wilper
2018-04-15version bump to 2.1.0Simon Wilper
2018-03-29version bump to 2.0.1Simon Wilper
2018-02-01enable grantlee view pluginSimon Wilper
2018-01-01version to 1.12Simon Wilper
2017-12-03fixed typo in dependenciesSimon Wilper
2017-12-01corrected bad SRCINFOSimon Wilper
2017-12-01version bump 1.9 > 1.11Simon Wilper
2017-10-15version bump to 1.9.0Simon Wilper
2017-08-27version 1.8.0Simon Wilper
2017-03-15version bump 1.5.0Simon Wilper
2017-02-20revertedSimon Wilper
2017-02-20rel bumpSimon Wilper
2017-02-20added grantlee as dependencySimon Wilper
2017-02-20added grantleeSimon Wilper
2017-02-20added graphviz to makedependsSimon Wilper
2017-02-20added doxygen HTML generationSimon Wilper
2017-02-18upgraded to 1.4.0Simon Wilper
2015-07-18import from old AURStefan Majewsky