AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-20Incremented version to 2.5.2.Aaron Barany
2021-05-15Incremented version to 2.5.1.Aaron Barany
2021-03-20Incremented version to 2.5.0.Aaron Barany
2021-01-17Incremented version to 2.4.3.Aaron Barany
2020-12-29Incremented version to 2.4.2.Aaron Barany
2020-11-15Incremented version to 2.4.1.Aaron Barany
2020-11-14Incremented version to 2.4.0.Aaron Barany
2020-09-24Incremented version to 2.3.0.Aaron Barany
2020-08-22Incremented version to 2.2.0.Aaron Barany
2020-08-16Incremented version to 2.1.0.Aaron Barany
2020-05-10Incremented version to 2.0.6.Aaron Barany
2019-10-26Incremented version to 2.0.5.Aaron Barany
2018-07-30Incremented version to 2.0.3.Aaron Barany
2018-04-28Incremented version to 2.0.2.Aaron Barany
2018-02-22Incremented version to 2.0.1.Aaron Barany
2018-02-15Incremented version to 2.0.0.Aaron Barany
2018-02-14Incremented version to 1.0.3.Aaron Barany
2018-01-21Updated .SRCINFOAaron Barany
2018-01-21Incremented version to 1.0.2.Aaron Barany
2017-09-20Added URL to the project.Aaron Barany
2017-09-17Incremented version to 1.0.1.Aaron Barany
2017-09-16Updated .SRCINFOAaron Barany
2017-09-16Fixed incorrect makedepends name.Aaron Barany
2017-09-16Initial cuttlefish PKGBUILD configurationAaron Barany