AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-11Move to 2.5.2Wainer Vandelli
2018-11-27Add patch for cURL error code aliasesWainer Vandelli
2018-08-21Update to 2.5.1Wainer Vandelli
2018-06-27Remove attr/xattr.h dependencyWainer Vandelli
2018-05-14Move to version 2.5.0Wainer Vandelli
2017-08-08Fix typo in cvmfs.installFrank Siegert
2017-07-09Update to 2.3.5-5: add _netdev to auto mount options.Frank Siegert
2017-06-23mergeFrank Siegert
2017-06-23Update to 2.3.5-4:Frank Siegert
2017-04-11Maintainer list updatedWainer Vandelli
2017-04-07Update to 2.3.5-1, adding patch for compilation with GeoIP provided by Wainer...Frank Siegert
2016-01-28Fix installation directories to avoid /sbin and /usr/lib64.Frank Siegert
2015-06-19Initial importFrank Siegert