AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-05fix small error in build. Compilation still unsuccessful.Moses Narrow
2022-01-04add git.PKGBUILDMoses Narrow
2022-01-04update version, add deb.PKGBUILDMoses Narrow
2021-03-05update version to to 0.7.5Moses Narrow
2020-12-13build still failingMoses Narrow
2020-02-19update signature checking & dependanciesMoses Narrow
2019-10-18Change to new repo at ; implement signature checkin...Moses Narrow
2019-09-08moved cx to cx-latest (i.e. latest github commits); replacing cx with build f...Moses Narrow
2019-08-27reduce sizeMoses Narrow
2019-08-21bump pkgrelMoses Narrow
2019-08-21change maintainerMoses Narrow
2019-07-27try to remove makefileMoses Narrow
2019-07-27fix Makefile for new version update; manually build newcoin as a dependancyMoses Narrow
2019-06-02fix newcoin & cxchains scriptMoses Narrow
2019-05-23fix makedependsMoses Narrow
2019-05-23omitting non cx binariesMoses Narrow
2019-05-23success building 0.7beta binary from github sources; cx chains supportMoses Narrow
2019-05-200.7beta releaseMoses Narrow
2019-05-200.7 releaseMoses Narrow
2019-04-08fix .SRCINFO?Moses Narrow
2019-04-08fix versionMoses Narrow
2019-03-19bumping pkgver to 6.2. Should be 0.6.2, but how to fix? ugh..Moses Narrow
2019-03-08first commit; added PKGBUILD & .SRCINFOMoses Narrow