AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-30Version 6.2-3Gavin lyons
2021-11-15V6.1-2Gavin lyons
2020-04-30version 6.0Gavin lyons
2020-04-18version 5.7-9Gavin lyons
2019-06-14removing gdrive, opt dependsGavin lyons
2018-12-04version 5.5-7Gavin lyons
2018-06-28version 5.4-6Gavin lyons
2018-05-29Version 5.3-5 see changelogGavin lyons
2018-02-15Verison 5.2-4Gavin lyons
2018-02-15version 5.2-4Gavin lyons
2018-02-15version 5.2-4Gavin lyons
2018-02-10version 5.1-3 see changelog for detailsGavin lyons
2017-11-20Version 5.0.1-2 minor update to 5.0Gavin lyons
2017-11-02Version 5.0-1Gavin lyons
2017-10-07Version 4.3.1-5 minor correction to V4.3Gavin lyons
2017-10-03Version 4.3-4 see for detailsGavin lyons
2017-07-16version 4.2-3 see for detailsGavin lyons
2017-06-25version 4.1-2 see changelog for detailsGavin lyons
2017-05-26Version 4.0-1 See notes for detailsGavin lyons
2017-05-06version 3.7-9 see for detailsGavin lyons
2017-04-15Version 3.6.1-8 Minor correction to v3.6-7 coredump optionGavin lyons
2017-04-14Version 3.6-7 changelog/release notes for detailGavin lyons
2017-04-04PKGBUILD edit, Changed to add dialog as depeds, needed for antergos installGavin lyons
2017-04-03Version 3.5-6 see for detailsGavin lyons
2017-03-28Version 3.4-5 see for detailsGavin lyons
2016-12-29Version 3.3-4 see changelog for detailsGavin lyons
2016-12-26Version 3.2-3 see for detailsGavin lyons
2016-12-23Version 3.2-1 see for detailsGavin lyons
2016-12-10version 3.0-1 see detailsGavin lyons
2016-10-14version 2.3-2 various changes see for detailsGavin lyons
2016-10-09version 2.2-1 see for detailsGavin lyons
2016-10-06adding md5sum an chnaging soucre to tarballgavin
2016-10-06adding makedependsgavin
2016-10-05changing pkgname%-git to pkgnamegavin
2016-10-04adding a missing optdependsgavin
2016-10-04version 2.1-9 added cylon info page with check for optdepends, added error ha...gavin
2016-09-30version 2.0-8 011016 added option for lostfiles, system info,optimisationsgavin
2016-09-24version 1.9-7 250916 added rmlint option. consolidated menu layout , added m...gavin
2016-09-18version 1.8-6 180916 added rootkithunter option + update countersgavin
2016-09-14version 1.7-5 option for a config file addedgavin
2016-09-13readme file install,PKGBUILD display, msgFunc function, addedgavin
2016-09-11version 1.5-3gavin
2016-09-09change contactgavin
2016-09-091.4-2 adding extra cower optiongavin
2016-09-08first commit cylon to AURgavin