AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-01fix array not initializedSieve Lau
2023-10-03attempt to accept blrecSieve Lau
2023-09-03add utf8 bom to ass file on windowsSieve Lau
2023-08-30small fixesSieve Lau
2023-08-20fix a bug in animationSieve Lau
2023-08-17many fixesSieve Lau
2023-08-10fix bug and code refactorSieve Lau
2023-08-06update r51 to r54Sieve Lau
2023-07-29fix escape bugSieve Lau
2023-07-20upstream pr #59 mergedSieve Lau
2023-07-12upstream pr#57 merged: add the message box duration option support.Sieve Lau
2023-07-01init commitSieve Lau