AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-22update for 0.8.0 - small fixesStella
2022-07-020.6.8 -> 0.7.0 + upd maintainer emailStella
2022-01-23Update maintainer name (yay!)Stella
2022-01-12bump to v0.6.8, update file locations, use dev branch instead of master and a...Vasil Bakalov
2021-11-20bump version (6 days late yay)Vasil Bakalov
2021-11-05bump versionVasil Bakalov
2021-10-30bump versionVasil Bakalov
2021-10-17fix stupid symlinkVasil Bakalov
2021-10-17update gcc dependencyVasil Bakalov
2021-10-17create packageVasil Bakalov