AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-07Bump .SRCINFOMarc Cousin
2019-01-05Add DRAWSPEED_ENABLE_LTO=ONmarco44
2018-02-10Remove -DUSE_GNOME_KEYRING=Offmarco44
2017-01-03rawspeed is in a submodule now. add the prepare phase to retrieve itmarco44
2016-10-27Take into account what namcap tells me about dependancies :)marco44
2016-10-09Take into account some feedback from usersmarco44
2016-06-23And add the srcinfomarco44
2016-06-23Solve the lib64 issue. And be more in sync with the abs packagemarco44
2016-04-24Back to the master branch. Everything from lab-io is committedmarco44
2016-04-23bump labiomarco44
2016-04-22bump labiomarco44
2016-04-20bump, new corrections from lab-io branchmarco44
2016-04-19Correction on release name and get OTHER correctionmarco44
2016-04-18Temporarily go to the lab-io branch to make darktable work with GTK 3.20marco44
2016-04-11Work around a problem with GTK 3.20marco44
2016-02-28And update the srcinfomarco44
2016-02-28Correctly get the pkgver()marco44
2016-02-27Update to update osm-gps-map-gtk3 to osm-gps-map and bump version (0.9.3 is v...marco44
2016-02-02second attempt at fixing -1 at the end of pkgvermarco44
2016-02-02Try to correct the hyphen received from aurmarco44
2015-08-12update .SRCINFOmarco44
2015-08-12bump version. depend on pugixml instead of pugixml-shared, as it seems to wor...marco44
2015-08-09Initial commitmarco44