AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-15Split package like upstream DEBs and RPMsAriel Abreu
2023-06-21Update for new submodulesAriel Abreu
2023-04-15Update with new dependenciesAriel Abreu
2023-04-12Update to latest commitAriel Abreu
2023-03-25Update with new submodulesAriel Abreu
2023-01-23Update to add libinfo and librpcsvcAriel Abreu
2022-11-16Update SRCINFOAriel Abreu
2022-11-16Add darling-csu submoduleAriel Abreu
2022-11-16Update to allow submodules to be cloned from a local directory againAriel Abreu
2022-07-04Update for darlingserverAriel Abreu
2022-05-13Update with new submodulesAriel Abreu
2022-03-04Update for latest commitAriel Abreu
2020-07-25Add missing submodulesJames Brink
2019-07-22Update submodules fixing buildJames Brink
2019-07-17Fix character encoding issues on OpenSSL cert filenamesJames Brink
2019-07-16Remove git commit reference for stable buildsJames Brink
2019-07-12Remove -j flags from make and fixed tab spacingJames Brink
2019-07-09Update PKGBUILD - added conflicts for darling and darling-dkmsJames Brink
2019-06-02Remove un-needed patch fileJames Brink
2019-05-30Increment package releaseJames Brink
2019-05-30Update contribuor comment in PKGBUILDJames Brink
2019-05-30Fix builds for kernels < 5.1James Brink
2019-05-23Fix build for kernels >= 5.1James Brink
2019-05-03Added git submodules to sources list in PKGBUILD.James Brink
2018-11-03Updated .SRCINFO - Added new dependencies libpng, libtiff, glu, cairo, libbsd...James Brink
2018-11-03Added new dependencies libpng, libtiff, glu, cairo, libbsd, python2, and linu...James Brink
2018-06-11Fixed build issue related to missing rtsig.hJames Brink
2018-06-11Updated broken build.James Brink
2017-04-26Use .install script only with darling-git packageXorg
2017-04-26Do a split package (darling-git + darling-mach-dkms-git)Xorg
2017-03-29Fix ldconfig setupXorg
2017-03-27Disable user build flagsXorg
2017-03-27Fix linker errorsXorg
2017-03-27Update build steps since upstream changesXorg
2017-03-26Allow to build with binutils 2.28Xorg
2017-01-16Do a more vanilla packageXorg
2017-01-08Fix PKGBUILD due to recent changesXorg
2016-12-04Drop use of /usr/libexec and fix missing dependenciesXorg
2016-11-26Depend of darling-mach-dkms-git instead of darling-mach-gitXorg
2016-05-04Fix pkgver() functionXorg
2016-04-26Add 'wget' as dependencyXorg
2016-03-13Add gcc-multilib in makedepends (x86_64)Xorg
2016-03-03Add cmake to makedependsXorg
2016-03-02Move kernel module in darling-mach-git packageXorg
2016-03-02Improve submodules managementXorg
2016-03-02Fix md5sumsXorg
2016-03-01Add more submodulesXorg
2016-02-28Reset pkgrelXorg
2016-02-28Add apr submodule (pkgrel 19)Xorg