AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-12Last VersionElrondo46
2021-08-02fix with elkin patch, thanks to him 3Elrondo46
2021-08-02fix with elkin patch, thanks to him 2Elrondo46
2021-08-02fix with elkin patch, thanks to himElrondo46
2021-03-05Updated to davical 1.1.10Elrondo46
2020-12-01Upgraded to, but forget about offline docs due to python2-rst2pdf brokenElrondo46
2019-04-15update to 1.1.8Thore Bödecker
2018-02-13update to davical 1.1.7Thore Bödecker
2017-11-23update to 1.1.6 for pgsql 10 compatibilityThore Bödecker
2017-09-15bump pkgrel for fixed awl depThore Bödecker
2017-05-10switch to more secure checksumsThore Boedecker
2017-05-08fix indentationThore Boedecker
2017-05-08fix docs locationThore Boedecker
2017-05-08update version, fix deps, fix makedeps, fix docgenThore Boedecker
2016-01-17upgpkg: davical 1.1.4-2Stefan Tatschner
2016-01-17upgpkg: davical 1.1.4-1Stefan Tatschner
2015-06-29Remove obsolete .AURINFOStefan Tatschner
2015-06-29Initial upload: davical Tatschner