AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-12update; revert conflicts with *-git (which makes conflict even if there is no...Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2021-01-11fix for git source viewer syntax highlightKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2021-01-10add python (suggested by tmn505); s/glibc/glib2/;Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2021-01-10add test for autogenKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2021-01-10add missing glic (detected by namcap); add condition for autoconf older than ...Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2021-01-08updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2021-01-05"autoconf 2.70 runs intltoolize automatically, but without passing --force, s...Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2020-12-26bump icuKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2020-05-18fix-gcc10-compilation.patch added for git issue 74Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2020-05-04bump release for icu 67Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2019-04-15bump because newer icu (for user dlh)Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2018-11-03bump rel for icu 63Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2018-08-10bump: icu-62.1Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2018-05-23updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2018-04-07add missing dependency, rebuild to work with new version of icuKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2018-02-02UpdateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2016-09-25fix: add gtk2 to makedepends (as bastelfreak sugested)Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2016-03-02add missing depend: libxml2Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2015-08-19fix adding pkexec to gddcontrol desktop file (again)Krzysztof (3ED) AS
2015-08-19fix adding pkexec to gddcontrol desktop fileKrzysztof (3ED) AS
2015-08-19fix depends to newer (and exist on aur) dbKrzysztof (3ED) AS
2015-08-19Initial on aur4Krzysztof (3ED) AS