AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-26Fix conflict with ddnet-maps-gitRafael Fontenelle
2021-03-25Update to 15.4Rafael Fontenelle
2021-02-21Update to 15.3.2Rafael Fontenelle
2021-02-13Update to 15.3.1Rafael Fontenelle
2021-02-11Update to 15.3Rafael Fontenelle
2020-12-30Update to 15.2.5Rafael Fontenelle
2020-12-19Update to 15.2.4Rafael Fontenelle
2020-11-20Update to 15.2.3Rafael Fontenelle
2020-11-18Update to 15.2.2Rafael Fontenelle
2020-11-17Update to 15.2Rafael Fontenelle
2020-10-16Update to 15.1.3Rafael Fontenelle
2020-10-12Update to 15.1.2Rafael Fontenelle
2020-10-11Update to 15.1.1Edgar
2020-10-06Update Maintainer Name/EmailEdgar
2020-09-23Update to 15.0.5Rafael Fontenelle
2020-09-18Update to 15.0.3Ryozuki
2020-09-18Update to 15.0.2Ryozuki
2020-09-08Update to 14.7.1Rafael Fontenelle
2020-09-05Update to 14.6.2Rafael Fontenelle
2020-09-05Update to 14.6.1Rafael Fontenelle
2020-08-27Update to 14.5.1Rafael Fontenelle
2020-08-26Update to 14.5Rafael Fontenelle
2020-08-21Update to 14.4Rafael Fontenelle
2020-08-19Update to 14.3.3Rafael Fontenelle
2020-08-12Depend on sqliteRyozuki
2020-08-11Update to 14.3.2Rafael Fontenelle
2020-08-11Update to 14.3.1Ryozuki
2020-07-10Update to 14.2Ryozuki
2020-06-30Update to 14.1Ryozuki
2020-06-29Forgot to tick the versionRyozuki
2020-06-29Update to 14.0.3Ryozuki
2020-06-27Avoid cleaning up on every buildRafael Fontenelle
2020-06-26Update to 14.0.2Ryozuki
2020-06-26Update to 14.0.1Ryozuki
2020-06-25Update to 14.0Ryozuki
2020-05-31Update to 13.2.2Rafael Fontenelle
2020-05-30Update to 13.2.1 and enable UPNPRyozuki
2020-05-27Update to 13.2Rafael Fontenelle
2020-05-01Update to 13.1Rafael Fontenelle
2020-04-11Disable ANTIBOT due to cmake not installing libantibot.soRyozuki
2020-04-11Update to 13.0.2Ryozuki
2020-04-08Update to 13.0.1Rafael Fontenelle
2020-04-07Update to 13.0Rafael Fontenelle
2020-02-22Update to 12.9.2Ryozuki
2020-02-14Update to 12.9.1Rafael Fontenelle
2019-12-26Update to 12.8.1Rafael Fontenelle
2019-12-18Update to 12.8Rafael Fontenelle
2019-10-31Update to 12.7.3Rafael Fontenelle
2019-10-16Update to 12.7.2Ryozuki
2019-10-15Update to 12.7Ryozuki