AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysUpdate to 17.4Rafael Fontenelle
2023-09-26Update to 17.3Rafael Fontenelle
2023-08-21Update to 17.2.1Rafael Fontenelle
2023-08-15Update to 17.2Rafael Fontenelle
2023-07-09Update to 17.1.1Rafael Fontenelle
2023-06-04Update to 17.0.3Rafael Fontenelle
2023-05-30Update to 17.0.2Rafael Fontenelle
2023-05-29Update to 17.0.1Rafael Fontenelle
2023-05-25Update to 17.0Rafael Fontenelle
2023-04-04Update to 16.9Rafael Fontenelle
2023-03-06Update to 16.8Rafael Fontenelle
2023-02-20Replace rust with cargoRafael Fontenelle
2023-01-26Update to 16.7.2Rafael Fontenelle
2023-01-12Update to 16.7.1Rafael Fontenelle
2023-01-11Update to 16.7Rafael Fontenelle
2023-01-09Remove Edgar from co-maintainerRafael Fontenelle
2022-12-12Update to 16.6Rafael Fontenelle
2022-11-03Disable antibotRafael Fontenelle
2022-11-03Enable Discord rich presence supportRafael Fontenelle
2022-10-26Update to 16.5Rafael Fontenelle
2022-09-23Filter via env variable instead of patchingRafael Fontenelle
2022-09-23Update to 16.4Rafael Fontenelle
2022-09-16Update to 16.3.2Rafael Fontenelle
2022-08-22Update to 16.3.1Rafael Fontenelle
2022-08-21Update to 16.3Rafael Fontenelle
2022-08-21ddnet-skins package no longer availableRafael Fontenelle
2022-07-11Update to 16.2.2Rafael Fontenelle
2022-07-11Update to 16.2.1Rafael Fontenelle
2022-07-06Update to 16.2Rafael Fontenelle
2022-05-25Update to 16.1Rafael Fontenelle
2022-04-05update to 16.0.3Edgar
2022-04-01update to 16.0.1Edgar
2022-03-30Update to 16.0Edgar
2022-02-16Update to 15.9.1Edgar
2022-02-13Update to 15.9, remove patchesEdgar
2022-01-25Add patches to fix tests in some timezonesRafael Fontenelle
2022-01-04update shasumEdgar
2022-01-04enable tests againEdgar
2022-01-04disable tests until they are fixed upstreamEdgar
2022-01-04disable mysql testsEdgar
2022-01-04update to 15.8.1Edgar
2021-11-26update to 15.7Edgar
2021-11-07update to 15.6.2Edgar
2021-11-06update to 15.6.1Edgar
2021-11-04fix sha checksumEdgar
2021-11-04update to version 15.6Edgar
2021-06-20Update to 15.5.4Edgar
2021-06-20Update to 15.5.3Edgar
2021-06-13Update to 15.5.2Rafael Fontenelle