AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-24Update .SRCINFO pkgverJakub Wasylków
2022-05-22Set correct license infoJakub Wasylków
2022-05-22Force make into correct orderJakub Wasylków
2022-05-22Patch has been applied to mainstreamJakub Wasylków
2022-05-22Update maintainer infoJakub Wasylków
2021-08-13updated maintainer info in PKGBUILDCocaine Johnsson
2021-04-14Okay, fixed the issue with the patch, for whatever reason I messed it up as a...Cocaine Johnsson
2021-04-14Fixed the patch, it builds and installs fine now; if it doesn't work that's m...Cocaine Johnsson
2020-04-07* Update patch and depend on regular 'deadbeef'Deposite Pirate
2019-08-31* Bump.Deposite Pirate
2018-09-30Initial commit.Deposite Pirate