AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-31Also update .SRCINFODavid Wells
2019-05-31Update to the 9.1.1 release.David Wells
2018-10-14Update to the 9.0.1 release.David Wells
2018-10-14Fix linking with GSL.David Wells
2018-05-14Second 9.0.0 fix.David Wells
2018-05-13Fix the quicktests.David Wells
2018-05-12Update to 9.0.David Wells
2017-10-08Update to 8.5.1.David Wells
2017-07-11Fix the location of the patch.David Wells
2017-07-10Update the release number.David Wells
2017-07-10Fix compilation with boost 1.64.David Wells
2017-07-10Update warning flags for GCC 7.David Wells
2017-05-02Update release version.David Wells
2017-05-02Temporarily disable make test.David Wells
2017-05-02Check for PETSc with an environment variable.David Wells
2017-05-02Unconditionally ignore unknown pragmas.David Wells
2017-05-02Tighten up some comments.David Wells
2017-04-22Add make check.David Wells
2017-04-22Fix a typo.David Wells
2017-04-22Check before sourcing.David Wells
2017-04-22Update .SRCINFO to reflect the last change.David Wells
2017-04-15Remove build commands for the documentation.David Wells
2017-04-15Remove some duplicate files.David Wells
2017-04-15Update the .SRCINFO file.David Wells
2017-04-15Update the .install file.David Wells
2017-04-15Add checks and extra configuration for optional packages.David Wells
2017-04-15Remove commented-out build instructions.David Wells
2017-04-15Add an environment variable script.David Wells
2017-04-15Update the maintainer.David Wells
2017-04-15Check for recently installed packages in odd places.David Wells
2017-04-15Update to 8.5.0.David Wells
2017-04-15Clean up the dependencies list.David Wells
2017-04-15Remove support for MUMPS without PETSc.David Wells
2017-01-06update SRCINFOFlorian Dang
2017-01-06updatedFlorian Dang
2016-06-03fix quoteFlorian Dang
2016-06-03update SRCINFOFlorian Dang
2016-06-03update to 8.4.1Florian Dang
2016-03-22updated pkgbuild to 8.4.0Florian Dang
2015-08-05initial deal-ii 8.3.0 pkgbuildFlorian Dang