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2019-10-09version bumpbrent s
2019-07-19updatedbrent s
2019-07-11version bumpbrent s
2019-02-26updating to s
2018-06-29updating source URL and version bumpbrent s
2017-06-19push to s
2016-12-01version bump, new releasebrent s
2016-06-30version bump, etc.brent s
2016-06-25adding information for bug tracker, news, etc.brent s
2016-04-07updating gitignoresbrent s
2016-04-06GPG support donebrent s
2016-04-06adding gitignore, updating to sha512sumsbrent s
2016-02-08updating to 4.7brent s
2016-01-17updating to 4.5.1brent s
2015-08-24initial import from AUR3brent s