AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysupdated linkJohn Doe
3 daysupdated to 1.9.0John Doe
2023-08-05updated to 1.8.14John Doe
2023-05-17updated to 1.8.12John Doe
2023-05-11updated to 1.8.11John Doe
2023-05-09updated to 1.8.10John Doe
2023-04-25minor fixesJohn Doe
2023-04-25minor fixesJohn Doe
2023-04-25minor fixesJohn Doe
2023-04-25minor fixesJohn Doe
2023-04-25updated to 1.8.9awhb
2023-04-01updated to 1.8.7awhb
2023-03-12updated to 1.8.5awhb
2023-03-04updated to 1.8.4awhb
2023-03-02updated to 1.8.3awhb
2023-02-28updated to 1.8.1awhb
2023-02-12updated to 1.7.13awhb
2023-02-06updated to 1.7.12awhb
2023-01-21updated to 1.7.9awhb
2023-01-18updated to 1.7.8awhb
2022-12-25fixed wrong checksum for iconawhb
2022-12-25changed icon to one with a transparent backgroundawhb
2022-12-25updated to 1.7.6awhb
2022-12-19updated to 1.7.4Ethan Kerrick
2022-11-20removed validity check for tarEthan Kerrick
2022-11-15updated to 1.6.11 and using new download linkEthan Kerrick
2022-10-31update to 1.6.9Ethan Kerrick
2022-09-19updated to 1.6.3Ethan Kerrick
2022-09-02updated to 1.6.1Ethan Kerrick
2022-08-23updated to 1.5.24Ethan Kerrick
2022-08-01updated to 1.5.20Ethan Kerrick
2022-07-11updated to 1.5.12Ethan Kerrick
2022-06-23updated to 1.5.9Ethan Kerrick
2022-06-09updated to 1.5.3Ethan Kerrick
2022-06-09initial commitEthan Kerrick