AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-20generate 'PACKAGE_VERSION' file after installation.Vufa
2021-11-12Upgrade QQ to and use 'deepin-wine5' instead of 'deepin-wine6-sta...Vufa
2021-10-08Upgrade QQ to
2021-08-26fixed create install flag file.Codist
2021-08-25Upgrade QQ to and use aur package 'deepin-wine6-stable' instead o...Codist
2021-07-29create files/files.md5sumCodist
2021-07-16Upgrade QQ to
2021-07-09Upgrade QQ to
2021-06-14switch deepin cdn to 'cdn-package-store6.deepin.com'Codist
2021-06-14Upgrade QQ to
2021-05-11Upgrade QQ to
2021-04-08Upgrade QQ to
2021-04-02fixed versionCodist
2021-04-02Upgrade QQ to
2021-02-21Add winecfg shortcut to run.shCodist
2021-02-11Upgrade base package to 9.3.2deepin20Codist
2021-02-08Upgrade QQ to
2021-01-19Upgrade QQ to
2021-01-05Upgrade QQ to
2020-12-29fixed switch to deepin-wineCodist
2020-12-29fixed switch to deepin-wineCodist
2020-12-29Upgrade QQ to
2020-12-29Merge pull request #33 from taotieren/path2Codist
2020-12-26Update deepinqqver 9.3.2deepin14taotieren
2020-12-25Update deepin-wine5 & QQ
2020-11-12Upgrade QQ to
2020-11-12Merge pull request #25 from Windforce17/masterCodist
2020-11-12fix wrong PCQQ2020- md5Windforce17
2020-11-04set the deepin package mirror to 'ftp.sjtu.edu.cn'Codist
2020-10-18Upgrade QQ to
2020-09-13Upgrade QQ to
2020-08-16Upgrade QQ to
2020-07-19Upgrade QQ to
2020-06-19Upgrade QQ to
2020-06-05Upgrade QQ to
2020-05-22Upgrade QQ to
2020-05-11Update reg.patchCodist
2020-05-11Upgrade QQ to and optimized switch to deepin-wineCodist
2019-11-17Upgrade deepin.com.qq.im to 9.1.8deepin0Codist
2019-09-21Upgrade QQ to
2019-05-06Remove reg_files.tar.bz2, using patch to fix reg files and merge tool scripts...CountStarlight
2019-04-19Upgrade QQ to
2019-04-03Remove useless dependency packages and update README.md.CountStarlight
2019-03-25Reg files base on latest offical package.CountStarlight
2019-03-24Clean up reg files and add fonts document.CountStarlight
2019-03-18Upgrade QQ to and remove useless reg config(Fixed #1).CountStarlight
2019-03-06Upgrade QQ to and optimized Chinese fonts config.CountStarlight
2019-02-06Fixed registry file and bump package version.CountStarlight
2019-02-05Upgrade QQ to 9.0.9_1(latest).CountStarlight
2018-08-23Upgrade package deepin.com.qq.im to 8.9.19983deepin23.CountStarlight