AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-06forbid wechat browser creating crash logsVufa
2023-02-24Upgrade WeChat to ''Vufa
2023-01-16Upgrade WeChat to ''Vufa
2022-12-01wechatplayer workVufa
2022-11-30Upgrade WeChat to '' and add wake up command by @metahyVufa
2022-09-06Upgrade WeChat to ''Vufa
2022-08-26Upgrade WeChat to ''GoodbyeNJN
2022-08-20Upgrade WeChat to ''Vufa
2022-08-17Upgrade WeChat to '' and forbid wechat browser creating crash logsVufa
2022-07-21Upgrade WeChat to '' and disabled 'wechatplayer.exe'Vufa
2022-06-09Upgrade WeChat to
2022-06-02Upgrade WeChat to
2022-04-07generate 'PACKAGE_VERSION' file after installation.Vufa
2022-04-05Restricted dependency version.Vufa
2022-03-20Upgrade WeChat to and upgrade deepin base package to
2022-02-15fixed exec file path in run.shVufa
2022-02-15re-deploy bollte after reinstalling.Vufa
2022-02-15Upgrade deepin base packageVufa
2022-02-03Upgrade deepin base package to and use aur package 'deepin-wi...Vufa
2022-01-27Upgrade WeChat to and add lib32-nvidia-utils to optdependsVufa
2022-01-03Upgrade WeChat to
2021-12-11Upgrade WeChat to
2021-12-04Upgrade WeChat to
2021-11-25fixed the conflict with lib32-libldap.Vufa
2021-11-25add deepin libldap and libsasl2 to /user/lib32Vufa
2021-11-12Upgrade deepin base package to
2021-11-12Use 'deepin-wine5' instead of 'deepin-wine6-stable'Vufa
2021-11-05move 'noto-fonts-sc' to optdependsVufa
2021-10-29use 'noto-fonts-sc' instead of 'noto-fonts-cjk'.Vufa
2021-10-25add 'noto-fonts-cjk' to dependsVufa
2021-10-25add 'noto-fonts-cjk' to dependsVufa
2021-10-21Upgrade WeChat to
2021-08-29Upgrade WeChat to
2021-08-25Upgrade deepin base package to and use aur package 'deepin-...Codist
2021-08-13Upgrade WeChat to
2021-08-08Upgrade WeChat to
2021-07-05Upgrade WeChat to
2021-06-21Upgrade WeChat to and disable 'wechatbrowser.exe'Codist
2021-05-27Merge pull request #118 from outloudvi/patch-1Codist
2021-05-27fix: update checksumsOutvi V
2021-05-12fix: set the variable correctlyOutvi V
2021-05-07Upgrade deepin base package to
2021-04-23Upgrade WeChat to
2021-04-19Upgrade WeChat to
2021-04-18Upgrade WeChat to
2021-04-02Upgrade WeChat to
2021-02-21Add winecfg shortcut to run.shCodist
2021-01-29Upgrade WeChat to
2020-12-29Upgrade WeChat to
2020-11-26optimized switch to deepin-wineCodist