AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-26Upgrade wechat to
2019-07-25Merge pull request #24 from DennisZY/masterCodist
2019-07-25Upgrade wechat to
2019-06-02Upgrade wechat to
2019-06-02Upgrade wechat to
2019-05-29Upgrade wechat to
2019-05-06Remove reg_files.tar.bz2, using patch to fix reg files and merge tool scripts...CountStarlight
2019-04-05Disable winemenubuilder if first run.CountStarlight
2019-04-03Upgrade WeChat to
2019-04-03Reg files base on latest offical package.CountStarlight
2019-04-03Remove useless dependency packages.CountStarlight
2019-01-22Add lib32-libldap to depends.CountStarlight
2019-01-03WeChat 2.6.2CountStarlight