AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-01Update dependencies. Cosmetic changes.Daniel Bermond
2019-06-06Switch to python3Daniel Bermond
2019-06-05Remove duplicated dependencyDaniel Bermond
2019-05-20Update dependencies. Fix shebang in some scripts.Daniel Bermond
2019-05-12Move python2-pillow to depends (now a mandatory dependency)Daniel Bermond
2019-01-22optdepends: add missing python2-gobject for gtk uiDaniel Bermond
2018-12-04Add new needed dependency python2-rencodeDaniel Bermond
2018-11-10Do not rename the source clonesDaniel Bermond
2018-11-09Use https for urlDaniel Bermond
2018-10-24Fix runtime crash (add setproctitle). Update dependencies. Fixes.Daniel Bermond
2017-07-15Updated versionDaniel Bermond
2017-07-15Removed unnecessary commandsDaniel Bermond
2017-07-15Fixed systemd servicesDaniel Bermond
2017-07-15Changed descriptionDaniel Bermond
2017-07-15Cosmetic changingsDaniel Bermond
2017-05-13libtorrent-rasterbar 1.1.2 is not required anymoreDaniel Bermond
2017-05-13Cosmetic changingsDaniel Bermond
2017-04-09First commit after package adoption. Made working again.Daniel Bermond
2016-08-31minify jsskydrome
2016-06-29deluge forced minified js for webui...skydrome
2015-09-14bump versionskydrome
2015-06-01 Initial commitskydrome