AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-28demlo: Update to 3.7.1Pierre Neidhardt
2017-09-05demlo: Update to 3.6.3Pierre Neidhardt
2017-05-19Demlo: Use Lua 5.3Pierre Neidhardt
2017-04-12demlo: Update to 3.6.1Pierre Neidhardt
2017-04-07demlo: Update URLPierre Neidhardt
2016-12-22Demlo: Update to 3.6Pierre Neidhardt
2016-10-16demlo: Update to 3.5 (add completion)Pierre Neidhardt
2016-09-09Demlo: Update to 3.4Pierre Neidhardt
2016-08-22Demlo: Add 'actions' coming with 3.3Pierre Neidhardt
2016-08-18Demlo: Update to 3.3Pierre Neidhardt
2016-06-28Demlo: Update to 3.2Pierre Neidhardt
2016-06-26Demlo: Add "git" to makedependsPierre Neidhardt
2016-06-26demlo: Update to 3.1Pierre Neidhardt
2016-06-07demlo: Use simple and unified Go PKGBUILD, re-add version numberPierre Neidhardt
2016-05-01demlo: Fix GOPATH to $srcdirPierre Neidhardt
2016-01-12demlo: Drop version numberingPierre Neidhardt
2016-01-11demlo: Fix _gourlPierre Neidhardt
2016-01-11demlo: Update to 2.0Pierre Neidhardt
2015-10-14demlo: StylePierre Neidhardt
2015-10-13demlo: Prefix source, remove manual man page compressionPierre Neidhardt
2015-09-27demlo: Plain mail addressPierre Neidhardt
2015-09-26demlo: Fix syntaxPierre Neidhardt
2015-09-24demlo: SyntaxPierre Neidhardt
2015-06-27InitPierre Neidhardt