AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-01version bump 1 commits deoplete-jedi-gitTrent Palmer
2020-11-07version bump 6 commits deoplete-jedi-gitTrent Palmer
2020-08-08version bump 7 commitsTrent Palmer
2020-07-08version bump 4 commits, jedi no longer bundled as a git submodule upstreamTrent Palmer
2020-06-22version bump 4 commitsTrent Palmer
2020-04-21fix deoplete-jedi-git for vim (or neovim)Trent Palmer
2020-04-21add option deoplete-jedi-gitTrent Palmer
2020-04-15version bump 4 commitsTrent Palmer
2020-03-31version bump 4 commitsTrent Palmer
2020-03-26version bump 2 commitsTrent Palmer
2020-03-12version bump 2 commitsTrent Palmer
2020-03-05version bump 2 commitsTrent Palmer
2020-02-13version bump 2 commitsTrent Palmer
2020-01-30version bump 2 commitsTrent Palmer
2020-01-04version bump 2 commitsTrent Palmer
2019-12-16version bump 2 commitsTrent Palmer
2019-12-11version bump 4 commitsTrent Palmer
2019-12-07version bump 4 commitsTrent Palmer
2019-11-12version bump 4 commitsTrent Palmer
2019-07-23version bump 2 commits working with nvim only, but not vimTrent Palmer
2019-07-01version bump 2 commits tested on raspberrypiTrent Palmer
2019-06-23version bump 2 commits, add typeshift submodule, tested on raspberrypiTrent Palmer
2019-05-22version bump 2 commits tested on raspberrypiTrent Palmer
2019-03-02version bump 1 commits tested on raspberrypiTrent Palmer
2019-02-25version bump 3 commits tested on raspberrypiTrent Palmer
2019-02-18version bump 2 commits tested on raspberrypiTrent Palmer
2019-02-10version bump 1 commits tested on raspberrypiTrent Palmer
2019-01-27version bump 4 commits tested on raspberrypiTrent Palmer
2018-12-24version bump 3 commitsTrent Palmer
2018-12-03version bump 2 commitsTrent Palmer
2018-11-23version bump 2 commitsTrent Palmer
2018-11-15correct dependancy deoplete-jedi-gitTrent Palmer
2018-11-11version bump deoplete-jedi-gitTrent Palmer
2018-08-13version bump and change defaults, comments, and README to reflectTrent Palmer
2018-07-10version bumpTrent Palmer
2018-06-10add back in parso and jedi submodules, add vim supportTrent Palmer
2018-02-18update package versionTrent Palmer
2018-01-02original commit with PKGBUILD and .SRCINFOTrent Palmer