AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-24r6630.44134341f, deleted roll-dev-svn following upstreamLuis Aranguren
2019-11-26fix replaced depot-tools-auth with luci-authLuis Aranguren
2018-10-18fix vpython and fix+simplify gsutilChih-Hsuan Yen
2018-08-15fix buildChih-Hsuan Yen
2018-05-25fix buildChih-Hsuan Yen
2017-10-03 Bump to r4667.e0214743Yen Chi Hsuan
2017-07-31 Bump to r4534.5aeeb72cYen Chi Hsuan
2017-05-11 Bump to r4249.57a86929Yen Chi Hsuan
2016-09-17 Bump to r3619.7e16cf3Yen Chi Hsuan
2016-08-31 Update scripts_to_fix_execYen Chi Hsuan
2016-06-14 Don't touch symbolic linksYen Chi Hsuan
2016-06-08Update .SRCINFOYen Chi Hsuan
2016-06-08Fix gsutil and download_from_google_storageYen Chi Hsuan
2016-06-07Remove unneeded dependencies python2-{colorama,pylint2}Adrian Perez de Castro
2016-06-07Remove ninja binaries and use system-wide ninjaAdrian Perez de Castro
2016-06-07Remove unneeded makedependsAdrian Perez de Castro
2016-06-07Install manual pages and documentation in their proper locationsAdrian Perez de Castro
2016-06-07Use a directory ending in "depot_tools"Adrian Perez de Castro
2016-06-07Update .SRCINFOAdrian Perez de Castro
2016-06-07Fix PKGBUILD so the package builds againYen Chi Hsuan
2015-07-23Add script to fix all Python script shebangsAdrian Perez de Castro
2015-06-15depot-tools-git: Fix yet more scriptsAdrian Perez de Castro
2015-06-15depot-tools-git: Patch python executable name in gclientAdrian Perez de Castro
2015-06-15depot-tools-git: Initial importAdrian Perez de Castro