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4 daysMajor refactoringrelrel
The key guideline that I followed here is to avoid patches as much as possible, in order to keep this package simple and clean. So I deciced to not depend on ninja and python2, and instead just use those that come with depot_tools. Also, I think that most of the python2 issues have been resolved upstream by now, and there is no need to force scripts to run using python2 anymore. Finally, I did many small cleanups in PKGBUILD, and added bash completion for gclient and git cl.
2019-12-24r6630.44134341f, deleted roll-dev-svn following upstreamLuis Aranguren
2019-11-26fix replaced depot-tools-auth with luci-authLuis Aranguren
2018-10-18fix vpython and fix+simplify gsutilChih-Hsuan Yen
2018-08-15fix buildChih-Hsuan Yen
apply_issue is removed
2018-05-25fix buildChih-Hsuan Yen
apply_issue is removed
2017-10-03 Bump to r4667.e0214743Yen Chi Hsuan
Update scripts to fix
2017-07-31 Bump to r4534.5aeeb72cYen Chi Hsuan
Replace http:// with https://, thanks to @fightcookie
2017-05-11 Bump to r4249.57a86929Yen Chi Hsuan
Stop touching /etc/profile.d as suggested by @vasya
2016-09-17 Bump to r3619.7e16cf3Yen Chi Hsuan
Add git to depends as most commands needs it. Add svn to optdepends, too
2016-08-31 Update scripts_to_fix_execYen Chi Hsuan
2016-06-14 Don't touch symbolic linksYen Chi Hsuan
2016-06-08Update .SRCINFOYen Chi Hsuan
2016-06-08Fix gsutil and download_from_google_storageYen Chi Hsuan
2016-06-07Remove unneeded dependencies python2-{colorama,pylint2}Adrian Perez de Castro
These dependencies are not needed, because depot_tools includes its own bundled copies (possibly patched) and inconditionally loads them from its third_party/ subdirectory, so there is no point on depending on the system wide packages.
2016-06-07Remove ninja binaries and use system-wide ninjaAdrian Perez de Castro
2016-06-07Remove unneeded makedependsAdrian Perez de Castro
2016-06-07Install manual pages and documentation in their proper locationsAdrian Perez de Castro
2016-06-07Use a directory ending in "depot_tools"Adrian Perez de Castro
Some scripts assume that the directory where they live is called "depot_tools", so instead of the package name, use that for the installation directory under /opt.
2016-06-07Update .SRCINFOAdrian Perez de Castro
2016-06-07Fix PKGBUILD so the package builds againYen Chi Hsuan
2015-07-23Add script to fix all Python script shebangsAdrian Perez de Castro
Having a script to fix the Python shebangs (to make CLI tools use "python2") is more robust to upstream changes than to specify manually the list of files to fix. After this change, Python scripts which contain a shebang will all of them be changed to use "/usr/bin/env python2"; but still there is a manually defined list of scripts which use "exec python", that are passed through "sed" to fix that. These (shell) scripts do not change that often, and it may be better to keep the list to avoid potential damage when applygin the "sed" to all the files.
2015-06-15depot-tools-git: Fix yet more scriptsAdrian Perez de Castro
2015-06-15depot-tools-git: Patch python executable name in gclientAdrian Perez de Castro
2015-06-15depot-tools-git: Initial importAdrian Perez de Castro