AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-28updated pkgbuild to 1.0.11Ishaq Shaik
2021-03-09deps and quotesIshaq Shaik
2021-03-09updated pkgbuild to 1.0.11Ishaq Shaik
2021-02-25updated pkgbuild to 1.0.10Ishaq Shaik
2021-02-25updated pkgbuild to 1.0.9Ishaq Shaik
2021-02-24updated pkgbuild to 1.0.8Ishaq Shaik
2021-02-22updated pkgbuild to 1.0.7Ishaq Shaik
2021-02-21updated to 1.0.6Ishaq Shaik
2021-02-08update to 1.0.5Ishaq Shaik
2021-02-04changed SRCINFOIshaq Shaik
2021-02-04updated to 1.0.4Ishaq Shaik
2021-01-29updated .SRCINFOsonu ishaq
2021-01-29updated pkgbuild to 1.0.3sonu ishaq
2021-01-29revert to 1.0.2si67
2021-01-29updated pkgbuild to 1.0.3si67
2021-01-27resolving merge conflictsonu ishaq
2021-01-27updated to 1.0.2sonu ishaq
2021-01-27updated to 1.0.2sonu ishaq
2021-01-26update to version 1.0.1sonu ishaq
2021-01-25use appimage instead of debsonu ishaq
2021-01-25update PKGRELzhang.j.k
2021-01-25fix some bugs caused in groups valuezhang.j.k
2021-01-25init deskreenzhang.j.k