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2019-01-22new releaseNick Boughton
2018-01-12updated for new versionNick Boughton
2016-12-12Updated for new releaseNick Boughton
2016-11-07Updated for new pkg versionNick Boughton
2016-05-09Updated PKGBUILD for new releasen.boughton
2016-02-19fixed breakage due to path changen.boughton
2016-02-19updated for 0.4 releasen.boughton
2015-11-12Updated for new package releasen.boughton
2015-11-06Updated upstream URL as the github page will be more concurrentn.boughton
2015-11-06Updated for 0.2 releasen.boughton
2015-10-23updated srcinfon.boughton
2015-10-23Corrected license to MITn.boughton
2015-10-23initial importn.boughton