AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-07Update to 5.1.1Christophe LAVIE
2019-08-14Update : download addressChristophe LAVIE
2019-07-11Update to 5.0.4Christophe LAVIE
2019-04-28New version 5.0.2Christophe LAVIE
2019-01-02New version 5.0.1Christophe LAVIE
2018-11-19New version 5.0.0Christophe LAVIE
2018-04-12Add WM_CLASS to the desktop launcherChristophe LAVIE
2017-07-06Update to 4.3.3-2 : restart service in Upgrade modeChristophe LAVIE
2017-07-06New version 4.3.3japama
2016-12-31New version 4.3.2Christophe LAVIE
2015-12-30Update to 4.3.1-3 : restart service in Upgrade modeChristophe Lavie
2015-12-30Update to 4.3.1-2 : error correction in dependsChristophe Lavie
2015-12-16devolo-dlan-cockpit-4.3.1 new version with adobe-air>=2.6Christophe Lavie