AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-16Update PKGBUILD to work with changes in upstream build processChristopher Arndt
2021-04-25Fix VST3 plugin installation directoryChristopher Arndt
2021-03-05Updated PKGBUILD for build commands changes in 0.9.6Christopher Arndt
2020-12-29Fix dependenciesChristopher Arndt
2020-10-20Adapt to upstream changes (see ChangeLog for details)Christopher Arndt
2020-04-27Fixed VST2 build and pkgver functionChristopher Arndt
2019-09-01Various fixes & updatesChristopher Arndt
2018-08-14Remove 'juce' from makedependsChristopher Arndt
2018-08-14Better workaround for upstream issue #144Christopher Arndt
2018-04-24Add workaround for non-working VST plug-inChristopher Arndt
2018-03-23New package 'dexed-git' as replacement for 'dexed-vst-git'Christopher Arndt