AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-11Bump pkgver to 21.12.0Kyle Westhaus
2021-09-09Bump pkgver to 21.03.2Kyle Westhaus
2021-06-24Bump pkgver to 21.03.1Kyle Westhaus
2021-05-25Bump pkgver to 21.03.0Kyle Westhaus
2021-05-24Update .SRCINFO to match pkgrel bumpKyle Westhaus
2021-05-24Update gitignore for upstream systemd servicesKyle Westhaus
2021-05-24Bump pkgver to 20.11.3Kyle Westhaus
2021-05-24Switch to using upstream systemd service filesKyle Westhaus
2021-02-23Bump pkgver to 20.11.2Kyle Westhaus
2021-02-03Remove unnecessary command line flag for serviceKyle Westhaus
2021-02-01Bumps pkgver to 20.11.1Kyle Westhaus
2020-12-16Bumps pkgver to 20.11.0Kyle Westhaus
2020-10-26Bumps pkgver to 20.07.2Kyle Westhaus
2020-09-18Bumps pkgver to 20.07.1Kyle Westhaus
2020-07-31Bumps pkgver to 20.07.0Kyle Westhaus
2020-07-31Bumps pkgver to 20.03.4Kyle Westhaus
2020-07-31Bumps pkgver on 1.1 release branch to 1.1.1Kyle Westhaus
2020-07-31Bumps pkgver on 1.2 release branch to 1.2.6Kyle Westhaus
2020-06-03Bumps pkgver to 20.03.3Kyle Westhaus
2020-02-15Adds .gitignoreKyle Westhaus
2020-02-15Bumps pkgver to 1.2.1Kyle Westhaus
2019-10-24Bumps pkgver to 1.1.0Kyle Westhaus
2019-07-28Updates maintainer info, version, description, licenses, provides/conflicts/s...Kyle Westhaus
2018-07-16Update to v1.â‰0.6Kaley Main
2017-12-14Update srcinfoKaley Main
2017-12-14Upgrade to 0.9.4Kaley Main
2017-07-11Add .SRCINFOKaley Main
2017-07-11Upgrade to v0.7.7Kaley Main
2017-04-04Update SRCINFOKaley Main
2017-04-04Update to version 0.7.4Kaley Main
2017-03-28Updated to version 0.7.3Kaley Main
2016-10-26add systemd unit fileJohn Trengrove
2016-10-25dgraph 0.4.4John Trengrove