AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-03Remove unnecessary command line flag for serviceKyle Westhaus
2021-02-01Replace deprecated command line flag in serviceKyle Westhaus
2019-11-18Uses modern go modules, simplifies trimpath option, and adjusts license direc...Kyle Westhaus
2019-11-18Add .gitignoreKevin Orr
2019-11-18Update .SRCINFOKevin Orr
2019-11-18Move setting of env vars to perpare(), and bump pkgverKevin Orr
2019-11-18Bump pkgverKevin Orr
2019-11-18Trailing whitespaceKevin Orr
2019-11-18Don't build dependencies in prepare(), also...Kevin Orr
2019-07-28Updates description, source/checksum info, and git version regex; adds servic...Kyle Westhaus
2019-07-27Updates licenses, dependencies, maintainer info, automatic , and golang build...Kyle Westhaus
2017-07-11Update pkgbuildKaley Main
2016-11-11initial commitJohn Trengrove