AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-18update to Dhall 1.37.1amesgen
2020-12-07update to 1.0.12 (Dhall 1.37.0)amesgen
2020-10-21update to 1.0.11 (Dhall 1.36.0)amesgen
2020-09-18fix licenseamesgen
2020-09-11update to 1.0.10amesgen
2020-08-09add shell completionsamesgen
2020-08-03update dhall to 1.34.0amesgen
2020-06-23update dhall to 1.33.1amesgen
2020-06-18update to 1.0.8amesgen
2020-05-101.32.0 got re-releasedamesgen
2020-05-08update to 1.0.7amesgen
2020-04-01include dhall versionamesgen
2020-04-01update dhall to 1.13.1amesgen
2020-03-29bump pkgrelamesgen
2020-03-29add version to licenseamesgen
2020-03-29update to 1.0.6amesgen
2020-02-15update to 1.0.5amesgen
2020-02-13update to 1.0.4amesgen
2019-12-08Update to 1.0.3Rodrigo C. Gryzinski
2019-10-22Update to 1.0.2Rodrigo C. Gryzinski
2019-09-28Update to 1.0.1Rodrigo C. Gryzinski
2019-08-28Update pkgrelRodrigo C. Gryzinski
2019-08-28Update .SRCINFORodrigo C. Gryzinski
2019-08-28Ignore LICENSE md5sumRodrigo C. Gryzinski
2019-08-27Update to 1.0.0Rodrigo C. Gryzinski
2019-07-07Initial commitRodrigo Gryzinski