AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-22fix buildTaijian
2023-07-09update to 8.1.0Taijian
2023-06-08exiv2 0.28 rebuildTaijian
2023-04-14Prevent from using SSE4 instructions (FS#78197)Taijian
2023-04-13update to v8.0.0Taijian
2023-03-13update to 7.10.0Taijian
2023-03-01update to 7.9.0Taijian
2022-04-18Updated to version 7.6.0blackhole
2022-02-08Updated to version 7.5.0blackhole
2021-12-13Updated to version 7.4.0blackhole
2021-07-25Update to version 7.3.0Piero Olmeda
2021-04-17Update to version 7.2.0blackhole
2021-02-05Added Showphoto crash patchblackhole
2020-09-10Update to version 7.1.0blackhole
2020-07-25Update to version 7.0.0blackhole
2020-06-06PKGBUILD fixes and update to version 6.4.0blackhole
2019-10-17Update to 6.3.0Luca 'meti' P
2019-08-24Update to 6.2.0 releaseLuca 'meti' P
2019-08-24Update to 6.2.0 releaseLuca 'meti' P
2019-04-25Update to 6.1.0Luca 'meti' P
2019-03-30New maintainer; update to 6.0.0Luca 'meti' P
2018-03-25update to 5.9.0Taijian
2018-01-11update to 5.8.0Taijian
2017-12-26update to bring it back in line with extra/digikamTaijian
2017-12-04update with missing fixes to bring back in line with core/digikamTaijian
2017-09-06update to 5.7.0Taijian
2017-08-28include missing fix for cmake-3.9Taijian
2017-06-24update to 5.6.0Taijian
2017-03-19added exiv2 to dependsTaijian
2017-03-14update to 5.5.0Taijian
2017-02-06update description, remove KFileMetadata supportTaijian
2017-01-18remove kipi-plugins from build, as they are already an opt-dependTaijian
2017-01-17update to version 5.4.0 & clean up PKGBUILDTaijian
2016-08-11update to 5.1.0Andy Kluger
2016-07-14Build digikam without akonadi, mediawiki, or vkontakte depsAndy Kluger