AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-31Update to version 2.27.9cyrozap
2021-12-15Update to version 2.26.1cyrozap
2021-12-15Add support for aarch64cyrozap
2021-10-01Update to version 2.21.3cyrozap
2021-02-09Update to version 2.21.2cyrozap
2020-08-02Update to version 2.20.2 for i686 and x86_64cyrozap
2020-02-07Update to version 2.20.1cyrozap
2019-01-30Use S3 URL to work around issue with expired certificatecyrozap
2018-11-17Package doesn't conflict with libftd2xxcyrozap
2018-11-17Updated to version 2.19.2 (again)cyrozap
2018-11-17Fixed 2.18.3 updatecyrozap
2018-11-17Updated to version 2.19.2cyrozap
2018-11-17Updated to version 2.18.3cyrozap
2018-11-17Updated to version 2.17.1cyrozap
2018-11-17Update URLcyrozap
2017-04-22Updated to version 2.16.6cyrozap
2016-10-09Updated to version 2.16.5 for i686 and x86_64cyrozap
2016-03-20Added experimental support for armv6h and armv7hcyrozap
2016-03-19Don't use the pkgrel in the source URLcyrozap
2016-02-02Updated URLs and bumped pkgrel to matchcyrozap
2015-09-05Replaced architecture hack and removed weaker checksumscyrozap
2015-08-16Simplified URLcyrozap
2015-08-16Removed unnecessary alternate file namescyrozap
2015-08-16Added sha256sumscyrozap
2015-08-16Parameterized the license file installation pathscyrozap
2015-08-09Initial importcyrozap