AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysAdd co-maintainerParker Reed
2 daysRemoved Chrome sandbox lineParker Reed
3 days0.0.78morganamilo
2019-05-08Update checksumsmorganamilo
2019-05-08Bump version to 0.0.77morganamilo
2019-05-07Bump version to 0.0.76e5ten
2019-04-26Discord no longer depends on libc++morganamilo
2019-04-22Bump version to 0.0.75morganamilo
2019-04-10Fix checksumse5ten
2019-04-10wrapper script to disable sandbox that doesn't work without CONFIG_USER_NS_UN...e5ten
2019-03-08Bump version to 0.0.72e5ten
2019-02-05Bump version to 0.0.71e5ten
2019-01-30Bump version to 0.0.69morganamilo
2019-01-18Bump version to 0.0.68morganamilo
2019-01-16Bump version to 0.0.67morganamilo
2019-01-09Bump version to 0.0.66e5ten
2018-12-20Bump version to 0.0.65morganamilo
2018-12-19Bump version to 0.0.64morganamilo
2018-12-06Update srcinfomorganamilo
2018-12-06Bump version to 0.0.63morganamilo
2018-12-01Bump version to 0.0.62morganamilo
2018-11-24Bump version to 0.0.61morganamilo
2018-11-15Bump version to 0.0.60morganamilo
2018-11-06Bump version to 0.0.59morganamilo
2018-11-02Bump version to 0.0.58morganamilo
2018-11-02Revert "update to 0.0.57"morganamilo
2018-11-02Roll back broken 0.0.57 upgradee5ten
2018-11-02update to 0.0.57e5ten
2018-10-20Bump version to 0.0.56morganamilo
2018-10-09Bump version to 0.0.55morganamilo
2018-10-04update to 0.0.54e5ten
2018-08-30add noto-fonts-cjk optdepe5ten
2018-07-12Remove backup srcinfomorganamilo
2018-07-10Bump version to 0.0.53morganamilo
2018-06-14fixed mkdir /usr/binE5ten
2018-06-14fix up hardcodingE5ten
2018-06-14fix up PKGBUILD and use upstream .desktopE5ten
2018-06-14switched dep to gtk2 because of electron downgradeE5ten
2018-06-13Bump verstion to 0.0.52morganamilo
2018-05-23Bump version to 0.0.51morganamilo
2018-05-17Bump version to 0.0.50morganamilo
2018-05-06 Bump version to 0.0.49 and add postinst to hookmorganamilo
2018-05-02Add new maintainer comment, depend on gtk3morganamilo
2018-05-02Bump version to 0.0.48morganamilo
2018-05-02Bump version to 0.0.47morganamilo
2018-05-01Update .install messagemorganamilo
2018-05-01Bump version to 0.0.46morganamilo
2018-05-01Update licensemorganamilo