AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-25Update to 0.0.23Tim Schumacher
2020-11-25Don't devendor dependenciesTim Schumacher
2020-09-09Update to 0.0.22Tim Schumacher
2020-08-05Update to 0.0.21Tim Schumacher
2020-07-29Update to 0.0.20Tim Schumacher
2020-05-28Changes from upstream and moreTim Schumacher
2020-04-28Add optional packages for EmojiTim Schumacher
2020-04-05Update to 0.0.19Tim Schumacher
2020-02-22Update to 0.0.18Tim Schumacher
2020-02-08Remove OSS-LICENSES checksumTim Schumacher
2020-02-08Update to 0.0.17Tim Schumacher
2019-09-05Don't check Licenses sha512 and cut it downTim Schumacher
2019-09-05Don't load LICENSE from discordapp.comTim Schumacher
2019-09-05Rework based on the official Arch Discord packageTim Schumacher
2019-04-26Discord no longer depends on libc++morganamilo
2019-03-21Bump to 0.0.15Simon Perry (Pezz)
2019-03-21Bump to 0.0.15Simon Perry (Pezz)
2019-03-20Bump to 0.0.15morganamilo
2019-03-09Bump to 0.0.14Simon Perry (Pezz)
2019-01-19Bump to 0.0.13morganamilo
2019-01-16Bump to 0.0.12Simon Perry (Pezz)
2019-01-10Bump to 0.0.11Simon Perry (Pezz)
2018-12-21Bump to 0.0.10Simon Perry (Pezz)
2018-08-30add noto-fonts-cjk optdepe5ten
2018-06-14fix up PKGBUILDE5ten
2018-05-01Update .install messagemorganamilo
2018-05-01Update .install messagemorganamilo
2018-05-01Bump version to 0.0.9morganamilo
2018-05-01Update licensemorganamilo
2018-05-01Bump version to 0.0.8morganamilo
2018-01-09Damnit, I just updated, now 0.0.7Cayde Dixon
2018-01-09Update to 0.0.6Cayde Dixon
2017-12-05Update install messageCayde Dixon
2017-12-04Update to 0.0.5Cayde Dixon
2017-11-16updated to the latest version of the ptbAnthony Anderson
2017-11-08Updated to 0.0.3Sam Schlegel
2017-08-08Added libc++ depAnthony Anderson
2017-08-07updated to latest versionAnthony Anderson
2017-01-26Fix up executableCayde Dixon
2017-01-26Update general quality of the pkgbuild, currently a WIPCayde Dixon
2017-01-11I forgot to update package sumsCayde Dixon
2017-01-11Fix up .desktop fileCayde Dixon
2017-01-11Discord-PTB 0.0.1Cayde Dixon