AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-27Bump version to 5.27.10Kaito-RTRT
2023-11-10Modified dependenciesKaito-RTRT
2023-11-04Bump version to 5.27.9Kaito-RTRT
2023-10-21Bump version to 5.27.8Kaito-RTRT
2023-06-28Bump version to 5.27.6Kaito-RTRT
2023-05-10Update to 5.27.5Kaito-RTRT
2022-10-27Update to 5.26.2Tobias Borgert
2022-10-27Update to 5.26.1Tobias Borgert
2022-09-08Update to v5.25.5Tobias Borgert
2022-08-22Add simple helper script to check if extra/discover was updatedTobias Borgert
2022-08-03Update to v5.24.4Tobias Borgert
2022-07-13Update to v5.25.3Tobias Borgert
2022-07-11Fix .SRCINFOTobias Borgert
2022-07-11Update to v5.25.2. Sync with extra/discover PKGBUILD.Tobias Borgert
2022-06-22Update to v5.25.1. Added clean-up to autoup.bash.Tobias Borgert
2022-06-20Update to v5.25.0Tobias Borgert
2022-05-04Update to v5.24.5Tobias Borgert
2022-04-03Update to v5.24.4Tobias Borgert
2022-03-08Update to v5.24.3Tobias Borgert
2022-02-09Update to v5.24.0Tobias Borgert
2022-01-11Update to v5.23.5Tobias Borgert
2021-12-17Update to v5.23.4Tobias Borgert
2021-11-09Update to v5.23.3. Added autoup.bash.Tobias Borgert
2021-10-29Update to v5.23.2Tobias Borgert
2021-10-22Update to v5.23.1Tobias Borgert
2021-10-12Update to v5.22.5Tobias Borgert
2021-08-03Update to v5.22.4. Thank you stomp for reminding me.Tobias Borgert
2021-05-10Updated .SRCINFOTobias Borgert
2021-05-10Update vo v5.21.5Tobias Borgert
2021-04-08Update to v5.21.4. Synced PKGBUILD with extra/discoverTobias Borgert
2021-03-19Update to v5.21.3Tobias Borgert
2021-03-06Update to v5.21.2Tobias Borgert
2021-02-25Update to v5.21.1Tobias Borgert
2021-02-14Update to v5.20.5Tobias Borgert
2020-05-06Update to 5.18.51Conan
2020-05-04Update to
2019-07-315.15.6Mitchell Renouf
2019-02-17Update to 5.15.0 and patch fwupd errorsMitchell Renouf
2018-12-20Update to 5.14.14Mitchell Renouf
2018-11-07Update to discover 5.14.3Mitchell Renouf
2018-10-25update to 5.14.2Mitchell Renouf
2018-10-17update deps for snapd and snapd-glibMitchell Renouf
2018-10-17inital commitMitchell Renouf