AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-26fix bash array syntax error in PKGBUILDBenjamin Greiner
2022-08-26pin to evdi<1.13Benjamin Greiner
2022-08-225.6.1 from direc85 (last edited on 2022-08-21 12:11 UTC), fixedS├ębastien Vauclair
2022-06-02Updated to 5.6Massimiliano Torromeo
2022-04-02update to 5.5Benjamin Greiner
2021-09-11fix releaseBenjamin Greiner
2021-09-11update to 5.4.1Benjamin Greiner
2021-04-27evdi 1.9.1 has been taggedBenjamin Greiner
2021-04-11Add arm platforms, force disable x11 terminal in installer (pamac fix)Benjamin Greiner
2021-04-06Update to 5.4Benjamin Greiner
2021-04-03new EULABenjamin Greiner
2021-04-03new synaptics download linkBenjamin Greiner
2020-10-15update evdi requirementsBenjamin Greiner
2020-08-15restrict evdi to 1.7.0Benjamin Greiner
2020-05-26bump evdi requirement, do not link libsBenjamin Greiner
2020-05-14Update to v5.3.1.34Benjamin Greiner
2019-07-23Update to v5.2.14rHermes
2019-03-04Update to v5.1.26rHermes
2018-11-14First time being a maintainer, forgot to put the other person as a contributorrHermes
2018-11-14Update the package to 4.4.24rHermes
2018-03-12Fixed version numberPusMinus0
2018-03-12V. 4.2PusMinus0
2018-01-29Updated to latest version.PusMinus0
2017-10-11Update to new displaylink driver.PusMinus0
2017-08-17update pkgPusMinus0
2017-02-20Updated to 1.3.52PusMinus0
2016-10-13Nothing has changed but the version. Actually evdi got an update.PlusMinus0
2016-09-21Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2016-09-21Modified udev and service to match upstream.PlusMinus0
2016-09-21Modified udev and service to match upstreamPlusMinus0
2016-09-19Updated to newst version.PlusMinus0
2016-09-16Removed already satisfied dependency glibc.PlusMinus0
2016-09-16Moved glibc, gawk and grep to makedependsPlusMinus0
2016-09-16Got rid of internal libevdi and use external one for now in hopes of making t...PlusMinus0
2016-05-19Removed unecessary unzip statement, source files seem to get extracted automa...PlusMinus0
2016-05-19Corrected download link.PlusMinus0
2016-05-19Revert "Revert "Renaming the changelog done correctly""PlusMinus0
2016-05-18Revert "Renaming the changelog done correctly"PlusMinus0
2016-05-18Renaming the changelog done correctlyPlusMinus0
2016-05-18Updated .SRCINFOPlusMinus0
2016-05-18The repository containing the patch has been updated and the required file do...PlusMinus0
2016-04-19Updated SRCINFOPlusMinus
2016-04-19Applied patches for linux 4.5.x by chearius and CheariX.PlusMinus
2015-12-21Updated to latest upstream versionIvan
2015-10-05Yet another attempt to solve AUR Helper issuesIvan
2015-10-05Another attempt to fix AUR Helper packaging issueIvan
2015-10-05Forgot to Update ChecksumIvan
2015-10-05Fixed USB Device ID in udev rule to match DisplayLink's IDIvan
2015-09-14Displaylink 1.0.138 installer for Ubuntu had some new suspend/resume function...Ivan
2015-09-14Updated driver to new 1.0.138 releaseIvan