AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-03Rename package to distrho-ports-lv2-gitDaniel Appelt
2020-08-11Reorder meson configurationDaniel Appelt
2020-08-11Correct meson build configurationDaniel Appelt
2020-08-10Update build system to mesonDaniel Appelt
2020-02-10Switch back to gcc after upstream fixesDaniel Appelt
2019-12-27Switch to clang in order to fix issues with gcc 9Daniel Appelt
2016-03-04Increase pkgrelDaniel Appelt
2016-03-04Fix license arrayDaniel Appelt
2016-02-07Add ladspa as make dependency and fix variablesDaniel Appelt
2016-01-17Fix "depends" variable to correctly support i686Daniel Appelt
2016-01-17Create initial version based on an old AUR packageDaniel Appelt