AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-21Update to binutils-2.32 (use patches from DJGPP without changes, ...Andris Pavenis
2018-08-03Update to binutils-2.31.1 (changes from DJGPP Pavenis
2018-02-25Update to binutils-2.30Andris Pavenis
2018-01-07Update to binutils-2.29.1Andris Pavenis
2017-08-03[upd] 2.27→2.29Carsten Teibes
2017-01-05Version 2.27-1felix
2016-05-082.26-2: version number bumpfelix
2016-05-08Enable LTO and add patch to discard LTO sections in coff-go32-exe filesfelix
2016-05-08Add patch to put .ctors and .dtors where they belongfelix
2016-05-07Simplify PKGBUILDfelix
2016-03-24Version 2.26-1; also, enable GPG signature verificationfelix
2015-09-06Initial version: 2.25.1-1felix