AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-07-30Fixed missing includeoweissbarth
2021-12-13force to use a specific fseq commit since there are no tags or versions and m...oweissbarth
2021-07-04Updated package to work with opencolorio1, OpenEXR3 and gcc11: partly based o...oweissbarth
2021-07-04Cleanup: replace msg2 with echo + spellingoweissbarth
2020-09-30Pop rel, add contributor.bartus
2020-09-30Drop redundant internals, turn on Python support.bartus
2020-09-30add .shellcheckrcbartus
2020-09-23Pass arguments to djv executableYour Name
2020-09-21updated to 2.0.8Your Name
2019-10-23Update to 1.3.0-5Jonathan Liu
2019-08-07Update to 1.3.0-4Jonathan Liu
2019-07-13Update to 1.3.0-3Jonathan Liu
2019-07-13Update to 1.3.0-2Jonathan Liu
2019-07-13Update to 1.3.0-1Jonathan Liu
2019-02-11Update to 1.2.5-4Jonathan Liu
2019-01-25Update to 1.2.5-3Jonathan Liu
2019-01-25Update to 1.2.5-2Jonathan Liu
2019-01-25Update to 1.2.5-1Jonathan Liu
2018-04-30Update to 1.1.10-3Jonathan Liu
2016-03-14Update to 1.1.10-2Jonathan Liu
2015-09-02Update to 1.1.0-1Jonathan Liu
2015-06-19Initial importJonathan Liu