AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-05updated to 19.24.4pingplug
2024-03-11update to version v19.24.3Adrià Arrufat
2023-06-29updated to 19.24.2pingplug
2022-05-09update to v19.24Adrià Arrufat
2022-01-25update to v19.23Adrià Arrufat
2021-12-18use github download linkAdrià Arrufat
2021-06-09Bump releaseMichel Zou
2021-06-09Disable AVX so it can run on older cpusMichel Zou
2021-03-28update to v19.22Adrià Arrufat
2021-01-18drop cudaMichel Zou
2021-01-04add provides=dlib to dlib-cudaAdrià Arrufat
2020-12-10add bartus suggestionsAdrià Arrufat
2020-11-07Merge branch 'master' of ssh://à Arrufat
2020-11-07honor MAKEFLAGSAdrià Arrufat
2020-11-02use blas instead of openblasAdrià Arrufat
2020-10-27quickfix on the build function for cuda versionAdrià Arrufat
2020-10-27split package for cpu and cuda versionsAdrià Arrufat
2020-08-23Updated to 19.21pingplug
2020-06-10Updated to 19.20pingplug
2020-04-09change sourcepingplug
2019-12-17Updated to 19.19pingplug
2019-09-24Updated to 19.18pingplug
2019-05-20update emailpingplug
2019-04-25blas -> cblaspingplug
2019-04-25move optdepends to dependspingplug
2019-03-11Updated to 19.17pingplug
2018-10-06Updated to 19.16pingplug
2018-07-16Updated to 19.15pingplug
2018-07-12Updated to 19.14pingplug
2018-07-01add nvcc-ccache supportpingplug
2018-05-31use gcc-7 as cuda doespingplug
2018-05-28Updated to 19.13pingplug
2018-05-18Updated to 19.11pingplug
2018-05-04should use gcc6pingplug
2018-05-04use gcc5 as cuda package doespingplug
2018-03-22Updated to 19.10pingplug
2018-01-26Updated to 19.9pingplug
2018-01-15minor fixpingplug
2018-01-15add prebuild librarypingplug
2017-12-29Updated to 19.8pingplug
2017-10-26Updated to 19.7pingplug
2017-08-31Updated to 19.6pingplug
2017-04-24add .gitignorepingplug
2017-03-15add cuda and giflib optdepspingplug
2017-03-15Updated to 19.4pingplug
2017-02-25Updated to 19.3pingplug
2016-10-30Updated to 19.2pingplug
2016-08-28Updated to 19.1pingplug
2016-06-27Updated to 19.0pingplug