AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-29Track upstream to 5.5.3Devin Pohl
2020-12-13Track upstream to 5.5.1Shizcow
2020-11-28Upstream release to 5.5.0, added xdg-utils to depends for upstream's lookup p...Shizcow
2020-07-25Upstream release 5.4.0Shizcow
2020-07-15Upstream released 5.3.1Shizcow
2020-07-07Upstream release, fixed depsShizcow
2020-07-02Updated licenseShizcow
2020-07-02Upstream Update: Release 5.2.3Shizcow
2020-06-30Upstream update, now pointing to specific tagShizcow
2020-06-26upstream update, added plugin supportShizcow
2020-06-08Upstream fixed flagsShizcow
2020-06-08Upstream updated to 5.1.0Shizcow
2020-05-21Cleaned up some things in sourceShizcow
2020-05-21Duplicate compiler flag removed in sourceShizcow
2020-05-21Unused dep removed in sourceShizcow
2020-05-21Works well so farShizcow