AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-30dnsdist: Update to 1.5.0Remi Gacogne
2020-06-08dnsdist: Fix build with GCC 10, as reported by La_MouettE (thanks!)Remi Gacogne
2019-11-21dnsdist: Enable DNS-over-HTTPS supportRemi Gacogne
2019-11-20dnsdist: Update to 1.4.0Remi Gacogne
2018-11-08dnsdist: Update to 1.3.3Remi Gacogne
2018-07-11dnsdist: Update to 1.3.2Remi Gacogne
2018-06-08dnsdist: Fix building against boost 1.67Remi Gacogne
2018-03-30dnsdist: Update to 1.3.0, switch to LuaJIT, enable DNS over TLSRemi Gacogne
2018-02-16dnsdist: Update to 1.2.1, remove useless depsRemi Gacogne
2017-12-03dnsdist: Move to dnsdist users via sysusers, drop i686, cleanupRemi Gacogne
2017-08-21Update to 1.2.0Remi Gacogne
2017-01-01Bump to 1.1.0, add re2 support and fix systemd deps (thanks nfnty!)Remi Gacogne
2016-06-27The service file doesn't exist yet in package(). Thanks to DenSchub!Remi Gacogne
2016-05-08First import: dnsdist 1.0.0-1Remi Gacogne