AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-29dnsdist-git: Add new dependencies: tinycdb and lmdbRemi Gacogne
2019-04-26dnsdist-git: Add h2o as a dependency to enable DNS over HTTPS supportRemi Gacogne
2019-01-08dnsdist-git: Add libcap as a dependency since dnsdist now uses itRemi Gacogne
2018-11-29dnsdist-git: Switch to new configure options, non-privileged start.Remi Gacogne
2018-04-09dnsdist-git: Lua JIT detection is now automatic, no need to force itRemi Gacogne
2018-03-30dnsdist-git: Add dependencies for DNS over TLS, switch to LuaJITRemi Gacogne
2017-12-03dnsdist-git: Move to dnsdist user via sysusers, drop i686, cleanupRemi Gacogne
2017-08-01dnsdist-git: python-virtualenv is now needed to build the docsRemi Gacogne
2017-03-23Add net-snmp as a dependency since dnsdist can now use itRemi Gacogne
2017-01-01Add re2 support, add systemd as a build deps (includes)Remi Gacogne
2016-06-27Move from lua52 to lua, as it's now correctly detectedRemi Gacogne
2016-05-27dnsdist now uses libsystemd and protobuf. Drop privileges on startup.Remi Gacogne
2016-04-02Initial importRemi Gacogne