AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-15Push to 6.3p6 + remove the makefile patchLenni vH
2021-06-12renamed my aur accountLenni vH
2020-12-07updated srcinfoLenni vH
2020-12-07fixed config locationLenni vH
2020-09-05updated srcinfoLenni vH
2020-08-20updated srcinfoLenni vH
2020-08-19changed the way patch files are handledLenni vH
2020-08-18aur webpage somehow still shows pam as dependecyLenni vH
2020-08-18next pkgrelLenni vH
2020-08-18fixes to PKGBUILD, added changelog and configuration instructionsLenni vH
2020-08-18updated to 6.3p2, added example config, fixed some Makefile issuesLenni vH
2019-11-07update to 6.2p2Stephen Gregoratto
2019-10-28Fix install dir for doas.confStephen Gregoratto
2019-10-28Add missing PAM config file, oopsStephen Gregoratto
2019-10-27initial commitStephen Gregoratto