AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-15fixed depends array to remove 7 and include 10Mark Coolen
2018-08-15update to 1.1.22Mark Coolen
2018-06-25update to 1.1.21Mark Coolen
2017-11-02fixed .desktop fileMark Coolen
2017-05-16Final fix for bad link to DocFetcher-GTK?.shMark Coolen
2017-05-16Fix for bad link to DocFetcher-GTK?.shMark Coolen
2017-05-16revert back to pre .sh fix changesMark Coolen
2017-05-16change prefix variable to fix bad link to docfetcher.shMark Coolen
2017-03-04Updated to 1.1.19Mark Coolen
2016-09-09fix .SRCINFO for 1.1.18Thiago Perrotta
2016-09-09bump to 1.1.18Thiago Perrotta
2016-05-14update to 1.1.7 + desktop fileMark Coolen
2015-06-14Initial commitThiago Perrotta