AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
14 daysUpdate to latest release 19.03.2Mike Javorski
2019-07-25Update to latest release 19.03.1Mike Javorski
2019-07-22Update to latest release 19.03.0Mike Javorski
2019-07-17Update to latest release 18.09.8Mike Javorski
2019-07-09Update to latest release 18.09.7Mike Javorski
2019-05-06Update to latest release 18.09.6Mike Javorski
2019-04-11Update to latest release 18.09.5Mike Javorski
2019-03-30Update to latest release 18.09.4Mike Javorski
2019-03-07Update to latest release 18.09.3Mike Javorski
2019-02-11Update to latest release 18.09.2Mike Javorski
2019-01-14Bump pkgrel for docker.socket fixMike Javorski
2019-01-14Install docker.socket systemd unit which was re-added with 18.09.1Mike Javorski
2019-01-11Update to latest release 18.09.1Mike Javorski
2019-01-11Add nano syntax to the packageMike Javorski
2018-11-17Update to latest release 18.09.0Mike Javorski
2018-07-19Update to latest release 18.06.0Mike Javorski
2018-05-11Update to latest release 18.05.0Mike Javorski
2018-04-12Update to latest release 18.04.0Mike Javorski
2018-03-23Update to latest release 18.03.0Mike Javorski
2018-02-09Update to latest release 18.02.0Mike Javorski
2018-01-13Update to latest release 18.01.0Mike Javorski
2018-01-08Bump package release to account for upstream package checksum changesMike Javorski
2017-12-28Update to latest release 17.12.0Mike Javorski
2017-11-21Add build warning to remind users to stop existing containersMike Javorski
2017-11-21Update to latest release 17.11.0Mike Javorski
2017-11-21Drop lxc optdepends (lxc support has been deprecated)Mike Javorski
2017-10-18Update to latest release 17.10.0Mike Javorski
2017-09-27Update to latest release 17.09.0Mike Javorski
2017-08-31Update to latest release 17.07.0Mike Javorski
2017-08-18Update to latest release 17.06.1Mike Javorski
2017-06-28Use edge release directoryMike Javorski
2017-06-28Moby -> Docker name changes and update for 17.06.0 releaseMike Javorski
2017-05-06Update for 17.05.0 releaseMike Javorski
2017-05-06Adjust dependencies so we can build all man pagesMike Javorski
2017-05-06Drop install file (no longer needed)seblu
2017-04-27Docker -> Moby name changesMike Javorski
2017-04-10Update for v17.04.0 releaseMike Javorski
2017-04-10Minor tweaks to PKGBUILD to match docker packageMike Javorski
2017-04-01Update to 17.03.1Mike Javorski
2017-03-02Update for v17.3.0 releaseMike Javorski
2017-02-11restore docker as conflicting an bump pkgrelMike Javorski
2017-02-09Update for v1.13.1 releaseMike Javorski
2017-01-28Provide docker rather than simply conflicting so it works with other packagesMike Javorski
2017-01-21Add docker-git as conflicting packageMike Javorski
2017-01-21Update for v1.13.0 releaseMike Javorski
2016-12-21Update .SRCINFOMike Javorski
2016-12-21Update for v1.12.5 releaseMike Javorski
2016-11-08Update .SRCINFOMike Javorski
2016-11-08Update for v1.12.3 releaseMike Javorski
2016-08-18Bump docker to 1.12.1Mike Javorski