AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-30Fix broken go buildElias Werberich
2021-07-30Update to upstream v0.4.4Elias Werberich
2021-01-01Update to upstream v0.4.3Elias Werberich
2020-08-02Support armv6h, armv7h and aarch64 architecturesElias Werberich
2019-12-31Update to upstream v0.4.2Elias Werberich
2019-11-15Update to upstream v0.4.1Elias Werberich
2019-09-18Update to upstream v0.4.0Elias Werberich
2019-08-13Use correct install commands in package functionElias Werberich
2019-08-12Update pkgrel to force updateElias Werberich
2019-08-12Use correct paths for bin and libElias Werberich
2019-08-12Fix invalid checksum for service unitElias Werberich
2019-08-12Initialize AUR package with upstream v0.3.8Elias Werberich