AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-08Update docker-swarm to v1.2.9funilrys
2017-02-07Update docker-swarm to v1.2.6Nissar Chababy
2016-09-18Update checksumfunilrys
2016-08-29Update to v1.2.5funilrys
2016-07-13Update to version 1.2.3Iwan Timmer
2016-05-17Update to version 1.2.2Iwan Timmer
2016-05-04Update to version 1.2.1Iwan Timmer
2016-03-19Update to version 1.1.3Iwan Timmer
2016-03-02Update to version 1.1.2Iwan Timmer
2016-02-08Fix licenceIwan Timmer
2016-02-05Update to version 1.1.0Iwan Timmer
2016-01-21Update to version 1.0.1Iwan Timmer
2015-11-20Update to version 1.0.0Iwan Timmer
2015-10-08Update to version 0.4.0Iwan Timmer
2015-08-09Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Iwan Timmer
2015-08-09Update to version 0.3.0Iwan Timmer
2015-08-09Update to version 0.3.0Iwan Timmer
2015-06-11Initial commit of Docker SwarmIwan Timmer