AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-21Patch systemd service for ArchDylan Ferris
2022-07-21Update other ref to working dirDylan Ferris
2022-07-21update checksum for dogecoin.sysusersDylan Ferris
2022-07-21update to 1.14.6Dylan Ferris
2021-09-08Update to 1.14.4acerix
2021-05-11Update to 1.14.3, yay patches droppedacerix
2021-01-03Fix missing headersacerix
2020-01-28Update to 1.14.2acerix
2019-07-14fix shasumacerix
2019-07-14Fix home dir nameacerix
2019-07-14remove redundant flagsacerix
2019-07-14use ZeroMQacerix
2019-07-14Remove protobuf makedependsacerix
2019-07-14fix 'invalid pkgbase: dogecoin, expected dogecoin-daemon'acerix
2019-07-14Comment out cli/tx packages to allow pushing to auracerix
2019-07-14Update to 1.14.0 based on bitcoin-daemonacerix
2018-04-02Switch to openssl 1.0 to fix buildingacerix
2018-04-02Revert to openssl vs libresslDylan
2018-04-02Update to 1.14Dylan
2015-12-24boost 1.60.0 rebuildacerix
2015-12-10C++11 ABI rebuildacerix
2015-12-09update srcinfoacerix
2015-12-09also install dogecoin-cli, seperate binary since 1.10acerix
2015-12-01dont download files included in the package...acerix
2015-11-19remove extra slashacerix
2015-11-11dont need another chksum of installacerix
2015-11-11better use the full version numberacerix
2015-11-11upgrade message will probably work better if the install script is setupacerix
2015-11-10remove some old stuffacerix
2015-11-10rebuild srcinfo for 1.10acerix
2015-11-10update to 1.10acerix
2015-10-06incorrect flagacerix
2015-10-06remove upnp to fix compilationacerix
2015-07-06fix release numberDylan
2015-07-06new versionDylan
2015-06-29Initial importacerix