AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-20disable trilinos and sundials (Thanks MartinDiehl)eDgar
2022-06-20add cmake to makedependseDgar
2022-06-20use _build_dir and cmake -BeDgar
2021-10-13upd8 SRCINFOeDgar
2021-09-30sort dependencies and add boost; ignore .bakeDgar
2021-08-15Add patch files as temporary workaroundnw2190
2020-06-13Made HDF5 optional. Conflicts with new version.sigvaldm
2019-11-21Removed setuptools from makedepends. Needed in python-ffc anyway.sigvaldm
2019-11-20Added setuptools to makedependssigvaldm
2019-05-22Bumped version to 2019.1.0.post0G S Voelker
2018-06-23Added version to dependencysigvaldm
2018-06-23Remove old doxygen patchsigvaldm
2018-06-23Fixed package descriptionsigvaldm
2018-06-23Bumped to version 2018.1.0. python-dolfin is now a separate packagesigvaldm
2018-02-20Bumped to version 2017.2.0sigvaldm
2018-01-08Initial commitsigvaldm